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We always think that the more we do the better the results. However, this has not been clearly shown in the facelift procedures of the mid and lower face. The newly popularized S-Lift technique has its origins in the 1960's and requires an S-formed excision of the pre-marked skin in front of the ears. With a smaller excision of skin and with a special new suspension technique, almost the same and sometimes even better results may be achieved in the lower face and at the neck. The missing scar behind the ears and temporal region without any hair loss, short duration of surgery, the more "natural look" compared to other facelifts and the reduced danger of facial nerve injury are the advantages of the S-Lift.

The S-Lift is ideally suited for the younger patient with early laxity of the lower face, it can be applied in older patients with lower face laxity and also in the patient who has already undergone a traditional facelift and needs a secondary surgery after several years.


The S-Lift is a new-old procedure that combined with simple sub mental liposuction will improve the results of other facelift techniques and improves your neck. When combined with minimal incision techniques and laser the results can be very gratifying. There is less down time, swelling and complications, which are very unlikely.

Credits for popularizing this procedure go to Dr. Saylan, Dusseldorf Germany.


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