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Meibomionitis is closely related to blepharitis, which is inflammation and mild blockage of the meibomian oily glands. Patients often have both meibomionitis and blepharitis, and are more prone to get a chalazion. The eyes are sore because the tears are not good quality and may evaporate fast and not cover the eye surface well.

This diagram shows the external eye and
the normal lid margin zone.
This diagram shows the changes at the eyelid margin
in blepharitis and meibomionitis. There are dry skin
scales and crusting.

Associated diseases

Acne rosacea and rhinophyma.

These patients get severe blepharitis and meibominitis.
Blepharitis and meibomionitis can be associated with skin conditions such as acne rosacea, where the skin is thick and oily. This patient has changes on the nose called rhinophyma.

Meibomitis treatment

If you are prone to chalazia or have rosace, the oil glands are blocking off. The mainstay of treatment is warm compresses and eyelid massage, not lid hygeine.

You will need to use the warm compresses for 2-3 minutes on the lid margin and then vigourously massage the margins of your lid with your finger tips. Remember to press firmly on the edge of the lid near the base of the lashes. You will need to do this twice daily initially and then once daily for maintenance. This keeps the oil glands from blocking again.


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