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The Foldable Monofocal lens is a bendable lens which is rolled up and inserted into the eye with a small applicator. Once the lens is placed into the eye, the lens unfolds and opens up to full size. This lens is designed to give good vision at a single distance. This lens makes objects in the distance clear. These are the most commonly used artificial lenses and are covered by your provincial health insurance (OHIP).
The ReSTOR Multifocal lens is designed to provide a range of vision. It provides clear distance vision similar to a monofocal lens and also gives good vision for up close and midrange vision. This lens is not covered by your provincial health insurance (OHIP). You must ask your doctor regarding the fee.
The AcrySof IQ lens is a foldable monofocal lens which filters both UV and blue light. Researches believe that blue light may cause damage to the retina which could potentially contribute to macular degeneration or loss of vision. Blue light in your everyday environment includes sunlight and artificial lighting. The lens is transparent yellow the color necessary to filter blue light. The yellow tint does not alter the natural color of things or the quality of your vision. It also reduces the amount of scarring after surgery and the need to a laser procedure down the road.

Choosing the lens that is right for you will depend on the way your live and the kinds of things you like to do, such as indoor and outdoor activities, driving, hobbies, sports or reading. Dr. Deans will discuss all of this with you to try and make sure you receive the lens that will meet the visual needs of your personal lifestyle.

During cataract surgery the outer shell (capsule) of the natural lens is left behind to hold the artificial lens (implant). Over time, in most patients, this outer shell becomes cloudy. This condition is called a secondary cataract. You will notice your vision will become blurred like it did with the original cataract, this can be easily treated by a simple laser procedure.


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